How to use the reorienting matrices for online data

Dear Dr. Yan,

I am running DPARSF v2.3 on fcon_1000/Beijing_zang data.  As suggested by the link, I put the folder  “DownloadedReorientMats” (DownloadedReorientMats_FCP/Beijing/) under my workding directory and set up DPARSF as follows.


The command window shows that 
Apply Downloaded Reorient Mats to functional images for Sub_xxxxx: OK
Apply Downloaded Reorient Mats to T1 images for Sub_xxxxx: OK
However, after the step of Realign, it shows
Reorienting T1 Image Interactively for Sub_xxxxx:
Reorienting Functional Images Interactively for Sub_xxxxx:
I could not proceed to other steps without reoreinting the FunImg and T1Img interactively/manually. It seems that the downloaded reorienting matrices are not working. Could you tell me how to use them?
Also, the DownloadedReorientMats is in the name of of xxxxxxx_ReorientFunImgMat.mat and xxxxxxx_ReorientT1ImgMat.mat, starting from 1060223, but the image data is in the name of subxxxxx/fuc/rest.nii.gz and subxxxxx/anat/mprage_anonymized.nii.gz, starting from sub00440, how to relate the two kinds of numbers? On other words, how to determine which reorienting matrices belong to a specific subject considering that the reorienting matrices are not indexed by subject numbers?
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Hi Jing,

1. If you did "Apply Mats", then you can skip "Reorient Fun*" and "Reorient T1".

2. The Beijing data is not from the original FCP distribution, but INDI Beijing Enhanced instead. Please check

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