How to use ADNI's data ?

Dear Labs ,

We have some questions of download from ADNI's data.

As we knew , FunRaw and T1Raw data file format must the same.

But for the file size is differen that we saw the demo data.

 -the FunRaw data have 240/item and

 -T1Raw have 120/item.

We have confuse that how to use ADNI's data to put in the FunRaw and T1Raw file ?

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Justin Wu

Dear Justin,


do you mean that there are 240 files per subject for the FunRaw? That's no problem; the file size does not have to be the same for the FunRaw and T1Raw data.




Hi Julia ,

Thanks for your feedback.

And our question is FunRaw and T1Raw data format must the same but for the context can different ?

We saw the demodata FunRaw and T1Raw context is different but can running finished.

And we don't know how to use data from ADNI ? 

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Justin Wu ( 吳榮智 )

For ADNI data, I suppose you have NIfTI data. Then you should start with FunImg and T1Img.

DPABI->Utilites->Check Data Organization will help you organize your data correctly.

If the data format you got from ADNI is DCM, you can just place the fmri-dcm files in the FunRaw folder, and t1-dcm T1Raw folder.

That's it.

Folder structure should format like this (take subj1 as an example):

FunRaw/subj1/(all the fmri-dcm files of subj1)

T1Raw/subj1/(all the t1-dcm files of subj1)


Hi ,

Sorry , may I know more detail for t1-dcm ?

For example, we donwload from ADNI website. And we choose "fMRI". We can get the more *.dcm format files.
And these data is for 
FunRaw folder. How about the T1Raw data ?
Due to we don't get the more data from ADNI.

Thanks and Regards,


Justin Wu

MPRAGE represents the T1Image.

You also choose the dcm format to download and place the dcm-files in corresponding subject-folders.

We tried it. But still is fail can't finish all process. (our data get from ADNI)
Do you have any idea where can get the data to test ? 
We can run and finshed all process for demo data.

Please show a snapshot of your data organization.

T1Raw data from MP-RAGE.

And FunRaw from 3-palne_localizer or Axial_PD_T2_FSE. The result is same.

We donwnlaod MRI data from ADNI. And total folds as the below :

Please watch part 4 again. Especially for data organization (including DICOM sorter).