how to extract ALFF value of ROIs

Dear Yan,

    I have a question regarding how to extract the ALFF value of specific ROIs. In your courses, you meationed that ALFF values can be extracted using the "Extract ROI time courses" in DPARSF. It generates two Result folders, FC_FunImgARWSCF and ROISignals_FunImgARWSCF. My questions is: The "ROIsignals_sub" file is the time courses of defined ROI, is this also the ALFF values of the ROI? If not, then which file is? If it is, how to perform the correlation between ALFF value and other clinical score? I mean, one time series contain 230 values, while the clinical score only has one value. Should we use the "zFCMap_sub.nii" to perform correlation analysis? 

   Thank you very much and best regards.




Just put all the ALFF files in one folder. And specifiy this folder as the Data Directory.