Help on Script for extracting ROI signal from individual mask for each subject

Dear DPABI experts,

I want to extract ROI signal for each subject using individual mask, which means different subjects needs to be entered into different masks (each masks have N ROIs). I know that DPABI-Utilities-ROI Signal Extractor can help me to achieve this by extracting the signals one subject by one subject (which is very useful!). Howver, I have a lot of subjects and I would like to try if there is any script can help me to do this within loop.

I have looked at the script "y_ExtractROISignal.m". And I did not quite understand what I need to put as "ROIDef" (a matrix or a .nii file? ). And any suggestions on writing the script (loop) for extracting ROI signal from individual masks would be so appreciated!!!

Thank you so much for your time and help in advance!

Best wishes,



Hi all, I just found out that the ROIDef should be a "cell" . And the problem solved! Thank you for your attention!