Generating a PicturesForChkNormalization folder after pre-processing


After preprocessing resting-state data using DPARSF I accidentally deleted the PicturesForChkNormalization folder. 
Is there a way using DPARSF to generate the folder and associated data again, without re-running all the preprocessing?  
The data I am using has 150 cases so re-running preprocessing would take quite some time. 

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi Florence,

You can do following if you are using DPARSF advanced edition.

1. Click "template parameters" and check "Blank" cause you only need one step.

2. Click "Normalize" and choose the option you used previously.

3. Copy the functional images to another directory in case you don't want to affect your previous data, e.g., copy FunImgAR to FunImgAR2

4. Set the starting directory as "FunImgAR2".

5. You will get normalized functional images in FunImgAR2W, and the PicturesForChkNormalization folder.

Alternatively, you can do this to use less time and space: check "Normalize derivatives" instead of "Normalize" functional data, if you have calculated "Results" previously.