Extract ROI Time Courses (ROI-wise functional connectivity)

In DPARSF, users could extract ROI time courses (simultaneously have the ROI-wise functional connectivity) by check "Extract ROI time courses" checkbox and "Define ROI".

DPARSF extracts the ROI time courses based on the data defined by the "Starting Directory Name". The results are output at "Results/ROISignals_FunImgXXX":

ROI_OrderKey_SubXXX.tsv: The ROI definition for a given subject SubXXX.

ROISignals_SubXXX.txt/.mat: The ROI time courses for a given subject SubXXX.

ROICorrelation_SubXXX.txt/.mat: The Pearson's correlation matrix (between each pair of ROIs) for a given subject SubXXX.

ROICorrelation_FisherZ_SubXXX.txt/.mat: The Fisher's Z transformed correlation matrix (to improve normality).

Hi Lu, 

 There are several folders generated during the preprocessing. If I want to extract ROI signals, which folder should I choose?



That depends on your purpose.