Error when using DPABI-standardization function for single image

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When I try to use DPABI-standardization function, I put one image for a single subject and then run the function. It appears the following error:

 Attempted to access Prctile_25_75(2,:); index out of bounds because size(Prctile_25_75)=[1,3].

Error in y_Standardization (line 86)
Median_AllSub = Prctile_25_75(2,:)';


However, when I entered multiple subjects' images, the problem solved. I am wondering whether there is anything needed to be fixed in this script?


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You can not do this type of standardizatoin on a single image.

Thanks Dr. Yan for replying! I am using z-standardzation (z=(x-mean(x))./std(x)). So do you mean if I use this function, I am using the images from the whole group to get the mean and standadzation deviation, rather than calculating the z score on a single subject?

The mean is the mean value across all voxels within the mask.

It should calculate z standardization for a single image.

However, the current version also calcuates other parameters for other kinds of standardization at the begining, thus it will give an error report.

That's clear and helpful. Thank you so much for the reply~