error in DPARSFA - Reference to non-existent field ROIDefForEachSubject

Dear experts,

I tried to preprocess my resting state data with DPARSFA version 4.3_170105 in MATLAB 2015a. I get the following error: "error using DPARSFA_run>(parfor body) (line 4088) Reference to non-existent field 'ROIDefForEachSubject'.

Attached is the screenshot. I searched the forums, and I saw the suggestion that this might happen if you don't click the Define ROI button. However, I did click the button and defined the ROIs, by navgating to them in the window that popped up, and made sure the paths to mask files were correct.

Any suggestions on how I can fix it?

A second question, since DPARSFA generated many new folders - there is FunImgARCWSF, and even the Results folder (which is empty) - would I need to restart the analysis from the beginning, or can I specify one of the newly created folders as the starting one the second time?

Thanks a lot in advance!

1. Please post your parameter setting here.

2. You can specify the Starting Directory Name on the processed data.

Thanks for the reply! In the attached screenshot are the settings I used.

Please have a snapshot after clicking "Nuisance Regressors (WM, CSF, global)"

and after clicking "Define ROI".

Dear professor Yan,

here are the snapshots of ROIs and nuisance regressors settings:

Seems you shouldnot have such a effor in your settings.

Could you try go with the default parameters and see what goes on?

I think that there is no ROI specified by DPARSFA by default (or am I mistaken?). So should I run the analysis without specifying a ROI, or leave all the other parameters at default values, and just add my ROIs?

Also, do you know how many processing cores this analysis uses? I am sharing the computer with colleagues and we need to coordinate our analyses.

Thank you very much for your reply!

We got default ROIs in DPARSFA. You can skip the defining ROI step. 

DPARSFA will use as many processing cores as it can. You can set the number of parallel workers manually.

Is there a place in DPARSFA where I can set the number of processing cores to be used, or do I do it in MATLAB? If it's in MATLAB, should I use -singleCompThread or something else? Thank you!

You may set here:

Thank you! I will try to run the analysis with default settings and let you know.