[DPARSF]setting of Slice-timing in situation of Multi-slice

Dear professors:

 we are confused about the following question raised during Slice-timing.

Version: DPARSF 5.1, advanced edition

**Question1: Is it really feasible to paste Timepoint of slice order into the array of "Slice order" like in SPM?

Description: we used multi-slice (2 slices) during the scanning, despite the instrction in http://rfmri.org/slicetiming, we also noticed that SPM12 allows another format : the Time point of slice order. Although we successfully made it in DPARSF, we're not sure if it's feasible(not mentioned in manual, after all).

The following pic is our solution, [1485 0 990...] means the Timepoint of  1st, 2nd...slice.


And if you have DICOM files, y0u can just leave the default parameters for slice timing. DPARSFA/DPABISurf will read the multiband slice timing parameters from DICOM files.