I have two questions for help, thanks in advance~

1. when I used the DPARSFA on the matlab running my data, it worked well until the step of  "segment", the matlab was not report "ERRORS", and the DPARSFA showed"RUN" state, I waited it for a long time (about 12 hours),but failed to find the  processed data, the interface of the metlab just like the following picture:

Can you help me see where the problem is?

2. May I ask whether the DPARSFA program version is required for Matlab compatibility? and what about other matlab toolbox? I have tried the matlab2012 and matlab2017 version

appreciate any suggestions,

thank you very much!

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1. No idea.

2. Either 2012 or 2017 is OK. You also need Statistical toolbox, Signal Processing toolbox, Image Processing toolbox. Prallel computing toolbox will be a plus.