DPARSFA 2.3: "Slice Order" values for sequential acquisition

Dear DPARSFers,

Could you please confirm if the values that I am enering are correct?

I have 200 BOLD volumes per subject, 40 slices acquired in a sequential (ascending) order. 
Slice numbering starts at 0, therefore I should enter:
Slice number: 200
Slice order: [0:39] (or should we still start from 1? i.e. [1:40])
Reference Slice: 0 (or 1?)

Am I right?

Thank you very much for your time!

Best Regards,

Hi Alex,
I think this should be used:

Slice number: 200 

Slice order:  [1:40]  (matlab starts from 1 instead of 0) 

Reference Slice: 20  (All the slices just need to shift half way. i.e., slice 1 shift forward to 20, slice 40 shift backward to 20).