DPARSF2.3_strange result: normalize by DARTEL voxel size [2 2 2]

Dear Dr. Yan,

Everything is OK when I use normalize by DARTEL and  voxel size being set up to [3 3 3]. However, when I changed the voxel size to [2 2 2], there are a lot of dark stripe on the normalized image.  I have attached those two pictures from "PicturesForChkNormalization". Your kind help will be highly appreciated.



Dear Jo,

I am very sorry for the delayed response -- buried myself in a grant application. 

As in an email conversation with Dr. John Ashburner: https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A2=ind1202&L=spm&D=0&P=529502

"The reason for the holes is that voxels in the original image are pushed to their new locations by scanning through the original and adding their values to the appropriate locations of the normalised version."

This case is pretty worse when the normalized space is 2*2*2. I will follow that thread to see if there is a better solution other than smooth.