DPARSF for Rat Data Errors and Questions


I am new to using DPARSF and have watched the videos discussing how to you use it for both human and rat data. I still had a few questions though because I still cant get my data to process properly.

1) Do we need whole brain data? (I have 9 slices spanning 1 mm per slice in our interested regions)

2) Our data is in a 128 x 128 matrix, will this cause issues when using the 96x96x30 rat brain template?

I am able to get the entire pipeline to finish with the following setup in the screenshot. Our data in the end though did not process properly. After looking through the Results folder our Realign images appear correct, but the problem begins at the Normalize step as seen in the next screenshot below. Could my issues be related to the questions above and if not are there any other issues I must address first? I can provide more information if necessary. Thank you for your help.



1. No. But you can pay special attenion to normalization if you use partial brain data.

2. No problem.

For your case, I guess skull strip manually may help. Please get some hints from: http://rfmri.org/content/share-experience-using-dpabi-analysis-mices-fmri-data