DPARSF have been worked for 58 Hours !



       I try to perform all the processing steps at DPARSFA toolbox with 4 paralel workers. My computer has i7 7700HQ 2.8GHz processor 16gb ram and 1050Ti GTX. I tried to compute correlations on 68 subjects -34 female ,34 male- but when it comes to smoothing it takes more than 1 day and I couldn't understand that is working or not working - yes I can understand from paralel pool indicator but it is not what I mean- It doesn't give  any feedback or there is no progress bar.  Is there any problem in my processing ? I worked with demo datas and I saw the line that DPARSFA finished. I had to break the working after about 2 days of working. 





What's the info?

Is it waiting for your to do manually reorienting?