DPARSF Error/Bug Report Parallel Pool

Hi All,

I just wanted to share my experience about an error I got in DPARSF in case anyone else comes across it or in case the DPARSF creators want to fix this in future versions.

I have been running DPARSF jobs and they seem to fail a portion of the time somewhere after the initiation of the BET step.

Before this step, DPARSF requires user input (in my batch at least) saying "No co* images found" or something along those lines.

I recently realized that I have only had errors come up in instances where I have had an hour or two between when the "No co* images found" prompt came up and when I told DPARSF to continue (would select immediately but am sometimes running larger batches overnight). I think that the source of this error may be because the parallel processing tool shuts off after a certain time of inactivity, and when the parallel tool starts back up again some local variables are lost (or something along those lines). I now realize that if I respond to this prompt before the parallel processing tool shuts down that my batch runs fine.

If this could be fixed in future versions that would be great!