DPARSF error following detrend.

Basically what is happening is that immediately after the detrend step and prior to the filter step, the script crashes giving this error

Error using rmdir

No directories were removed.

Error in DPARSF_run (line 998)

        rmdir([AutoDataProcessParameter.SubjectID(i), '_detrend']) ; 


I have tried multiple things such as restarting from the beginning and ticking and unticking the delete detrend option. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



Which version of DPARSF and REST are you using, with what kind of parameter (give a snapshot of the GUI here)? Seems DPARSF can not find the directory it created.



I have the latest version of both REST and DPARSF, as I just downloaded both of them last week. In either case, I found a temporary fix by going into the matlab script for DPARSF and removing that line each time it appeared in the script.

It did the trick but as expected I ended up with a few extra folders which I manually deleted (a few seconds of extra work) afterwards. 

Overall there is something off about the rmdir function in the DPARSF script that prevents it from working on my computer...... it could possibly even be a problem with my matlab version.

Thank you for your reply,



Seems this is a problem of os or matlab.