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Hello, thank you for the wonderful effort at packaging the surface and volume based processing pipelines into one package.

One quick request for the package - Please include the RSFA measure https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3310892/

I have been trying to follow the steps in DPABISurf and installed docker on my Mac OS (mac mini with Sierra v10.13), which has Matlab 2017. I am able to see the whale icon on my status bar, I am logged into docker, and the commands 'docker version, 'docker run hello-world' all run fine. I also newly installed freesurfer and have the location correctly pointing to the license.txt file. But when I run DPABISurf, after generating and completing FunImg and T1Img, it runs into issues and gives the error, 'docker command not found'. What could I do to resolve this please?

Another question - Should I be installing freesurfer in the docker environment? [when freesurfer asked location for install, I picked Mac HD, should I be picking Docker instead?]


Appreciate any help.

Thank you.