Doubt about rs-fMRI ROI's Analysis in clinical trial

Hello, greetings to all.


We are conducting a clinical trial on the effect of transcranial magnetic stimulation in cocaine addicts, we have real and placebo groups and the measurements are at the beginning, at 2 weeks and at 3 months of treatment.


For my thesis I need to analyze if the change in connectivity in resting state fMRI between 2 pairs of seeds is related to increase or decrease in clinical scales of depression and anxiety.


I already have the seeds and correlation maps and z maps of each seed with the rest of the brain (my seeds are DLPFC, sgACC and amygdala) But I don't know how to proceed in order to analyze the relationship between the change in clinical scales with the changes in the connectivity of these seeds, can someone please help me?


Thanks in advice.


You can learn the mixed effect analysis in #9.