Difference between Segment and NewSegment+DARTEL

Dear DPABI experts,

I am confused when I want to normalize the functional images using T1 images from each subject, whether to select "Segment" or "NewSegment+DARTEL".

Since I want the preprocessed images of each subject to be exactly independent from each other, I don't want to use DARTEL to do the normalization. Because I understand using DARTEL means that we create a template from all the subjects. Please do correct me if I am wrong. In the forum I found that we are suggested to choose Segment only if we have 3 participants, or no need to choose any of these two when we select EPI to do the normalization.

So, in my case, I want to use "NewSegment" (if it does not influence the indepdendence from each subject), and "normalizaed by T1 images unified segmentation". How should I select? Do I choose 1) "NewSegment+DARTEL" and "Normalizaed by T1 images unified segmentation" or 2) "Segment" and "Normalizaed by T1 images unified segmentation"?

I would be very appreciated for the answer! Thank you so much for your time.

Best wishes,


Hello all, I got the answer. If I want to use the "normalized by T1 images unified segmentation", I have to choose the "Segment" (the so called "old segment" in SPM12)