Covariates removed during preprocessing

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Dear Experts,

In the resting state data information, the following is reported:

C - Covariates Removed (without global signal regression)
globalC - Covariates Removed (with global signal regression)

I was wondering exactly which covariates have been removed. Is this just motion parameters or also phisiological noise?
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Leonardo Tozzi

Thank you very much!

Then is it correct to assume that the removed covariates are the default as in your Frontiers 2010 paper:

There you say:

"six motion parameters, the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and the white matter signals would also be removed as nuisance variables to reduce the effects of head motion and non-neuronal BOLD fluctuations"



No. Now is Firston 24 head motion parameter model. You can see Yan, C.G., Chen, X., Li, L., Castellanos, F.X., Bai, T.J., Bo, Q.J., Cao, J., Chen, G.M., Chen, N.X., Chen, W., Cheng, C., Cheng, Y.Q., Cui, X.L., Duan, J., Fang, Y.R., Gong, Q.Y., Guo, W.B., Hou, Z.H., Hu, L., Kuang, L., Li, F., Li, K.M., Li, T., Liu, Y.S., Liu, Z.N., Long, Y.C., Luo, Q.H., Meng, H.Q., Peng, D.H., Qiu, H.T., Qiu, J., Shen, Y.D., Shi, Y.S., Wang, C.Y., Wang, F., Wang, K., Wang, L., Wang, X., Wang, Y., Wu, X.P., Wu, X.R., Xie, C.M., Xie, G.R., Xie, H.Y., Xie, P., Xu, X.F., Yang, H., Yang, J., Yao, J.S., Yao, S.Q., Yin, Y.Y., Yuan, Y.G., Zhang, A.X., Zhang, H., Zhang, K.R., Zhang, L., Zhang, Z.J., Zhou, R.B., Zhou, Y.T., Zhu, J.J., Zou, C.J., Si, T.M., Zuo, X.N., Zhao, J.P., Zang, Y.F. (2019). Reduced default mode network functional connectivity in patients with recurrent major depressive disorder. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 116(18), 9078-9083, doi:10.1073/pnas.1900390116.