cluster report

Dear Dr YAN

After cluster report , we have this table:

for example in cluster one we have only one region(Cerebelum_Crus2) with peak mni coordinates(-36 -78 -45) and peak value(4.2667).

in cluster 3 we have two regions(Fusiform & Temporal_Inf) where Temporal_Inf is the peak region of this cluster with peak mni coordinates(42 -12 -36) and peak value(4.9663), My quesition is how can i get the   peak mni coordinates and peak value for Fusiform ???

2- from the cluster report below:

2.1-what does mean undefined in red box?

2.2- This cluster have 60 voxels, for AAL template we have ( 42 Cerebelum_Crus2_L (aal)  &  2 Cerebelum_Crus1_L (aal)) that means  we have 44 voxels in AAL template, My question where are the rest  16 voxels????






1. It's difficult. You can apply a fusiform mask to the cluster, and then find the peak.

2.1. Here is reporting the label from multiple parcellations. In that parcellation, the label is not defined for that voxel.

2.2 Those 16 voxels were not defined in any AAL regions. E.g., could be in white matter.

Thanks Dr YAN.

but how can i apply fusiform mask to the cluster??

First you extract the fusiform mask, e.g., from AAL. Then use the Image Calculator to do that.