change T1 matrix dimensions



It could be a silly question, sorry!!! but I'm a rookie in this field!

I was doing a DPARSF with hdr img files functional and structural.  with my data subjects and with the data from one of my lab colleagues. 

When I was at the step of corregister & reslice I realized that his data had a different matrix dimensions (only for the structural one).

I have 256 x 256 and he has a lower one 182 x 246.

So,  here is my doubt, I can resample his structural data to my matrix dimensions? I don't have his raw data. 

It's a problem? or I can perform the DPARSF as usual? even with different structural sizes?

Hi Joan,

You don't need to resample the data to make them match in dimention. DPARSF would work for both dimention.

In case you do want to learn how to resample one image to match the other, you can check out a tool named 3dresample from AFNI.



Ok! thanks for answer!


I'll try it!