Can not normalize by DARTEL

we use DPARSF_V2.3_130615 to prepross data. The patameters were set showed below:

However, it always warn error showing that No matching files were found:


So how to correct this error ? Thanks a lot!

Please try DPARSF V3.0 with DPABI V1.1.



Doctor Yan:

I have tried DPARSF V3.0 with DPABI V1.1, like

the error occured showed below:

how to correct this error? thanks.

Daiqing Shi

Please reset your path.

1. remove all the paths for SPM8, REST, DPARSF.

2. Add with subfolders: SPM8, DPABI.

Then I think you will be fine.



I reset the path, than the head correction has finished finely.

However, the first error that the dparsf cannot normalize DARTEL occurs again.

What's the version of your SPM8?

Please update to latest as well.



 Dr Yan:

Thanks a lot. 

I updated the version of SPM to latest then finished the preprossing.

However, I could not open the VIEWER of DPABI,  as showed below:

I think you have to upgrade your MATLAB.