brainGraph (graph theory analysis in R) major release: v2.0.0

Dear DPABI users,

I am pleased to announce the 2nd major release of my R package for graph theory analysis of brain MRI data, "brainGraph".
The main page on CRAN is at:

The GitHub repository is at:

The latest version is already on CRAN for Linux distributions, and should be for Windows and Mac OS X soon (but there may be issues on non-Linux systems; see Chapter 1 of the User Guide).

To install directly from CRAN:
> install.packages('brainGraph')

In the meantime (and for development versions), you may install from GitHub using the R package "devtools":
> devtools::install_github('cwatson/brainGraph')

Getting help
The new User Guide has been completely overhauled, and now has a permanent link at: my GitHub Pages site (PDF warning). Please start at the "Preface".

You may also get help by opening an Issue on the GitHub repository, or join the Google Group.