Bandpass filtering for Reho in DPARSF : which folder should i use ?

Hi everybody, our team (Lapsyde, Laboratory for the Psychology of Child Development and Education, Paris, France) have some questions about DPARSF toolbox and bandpass filtering for ReHo analysis.



1. After running the toolbox, in the folder « Results », we have two kinds of folder that we can’t differentiate: « ReHo_FunImgARCWSDF » and « ReHo_FunImgARglobalCWSDF »: do you know what is the difference between these two folders? Images look like the same when we look at them.


2. We would like to assess in our data if there are differences within the frequency bands (like in this paper : For that we would like to apply the bandpass filter in DPARSF.  Do you know which folder we should choose between the two cited in question 1  for bandpass filtering ? 


We would be grateful if you could help us on these questions.




Paul H.,  graduate student, Lapsydé, Paris, France

1. ReHo_FunImgARCWSDF: Without global signal regression. ReHo_FunImgARglobalCWSDF: With global signal regression.

2. You should reperform filtering. I.e., based on FunImgARCWSD and then filter to the frequency band you wanted, you will get FunImgARCWSDF and generate ReHo maps based on that.

Thanks for your response and your suggestion.