Automask Problem

Dear Dr. Yan,

I've encounted a prolem with automask generation. I know that I can skip Automask. But I am still very curious about its causes.

(1) My generated automask is like the attachment file 2 named 'automaskAfterFillCompletely.png (6.12 KB)'. For most slices, no-brain area was also included.

(2) In debug mode, I found that the mask before running   [mask , kk]=w_mask_fillin_completely(mask , nmm) (in line 106 of function [mask Header_Out] = w_Automask(Data, OutputFile, Verb)) seemed normal, which is uploaded as attachment file 1, ' automaskBeforeFillCompletely.png (17.06 KB)'.

(3) Is it possible that the function w_mask_fillin_completely() overdo the filling in?

Any piece of advices would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Merry Xmas,

Dongcui Wang.




Automask in DPABI does have some problems when dealing with certain images. Refind it is on a long list. Maybe you can help us try to locate the problem, see in what circumstance it's different from AFNI automask.