Are there any well-validated whole-brain network parcellation templates?

Dear Chao-Gan,

I am seeking a whole-brain template or mask which segments brain into a few (not too many, best <10) large-scale functional networks.

Menon's triple network model (2011, TCS; including DMN, ECN, SN) provides a wonderful framework for my study. Unfortunately, I have not found any available brain network template based on this model. Another well-validated brain network template is that by Yeo and colleagues (2011, J Neurophysiol), in which cerebral cortex, cerebellu, and striatum have been divided into 7 large-scale functional networks. However, this template does not include other subcortical nucleus except for striatum. 

Are there any well-validated network parcellation templates covering whole cortex and subcortical nucleus? Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Given your purpose, I guess Yeo 7 is a good one.

Hi Chao-Gan,

Yes, Yeo 7 is a great template. However, as I mentioned previously, it did not cover all subcortical nucleus expect for Striatum. Do you have any other recommendation?