ALFF Frequency Band Issue


I'm trying to perform ALFF/fALFF analyses at specific frequency subbands and am running into some problems.  I'm able to create ALFF/fALFF maps at the .01-.1, .01-.08, and .073-.198 frequency bands but not at the .01-.027, .027-.073, .01-.073, and .198-.25 bands.  The .01-.027 band returns only nan values while the other bands return only one value for the entire map (e.g. ALFF of 31.9095 for the .027-.073 band, 37.3064 for the .198-.25 band).  The Temporal Dynamics 4d file shows changes across, but not within, timepoints.  Any idea what the issue is?  I'm using scans with a TR of .8 and 383 frames.

Thank you,