ADHD datasets for 3 dimensional neural network predicting model

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My name is Yasuyuki Okubo and I'm building 3 dimensional convolutional neural network predicting model inspired by the paper below.
From this site, I reached R-fMAPs project for the datasets and succussfully downloaded the ADHD datasets for ADHD200 (4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 200 Sample (ADHD-200) ).
I'm, however, confused the datasets which I should use as there are many datasets though I read explanation.
I choosed both fMRI - fALFF and sMRI - GM below for my model but don't know whether I picked right ones.
fMRI-fALFF: ADHD200_RfMRI_1/results/fALFF_FunImgARCW/
sMRI-GM: ADHD200/VBM_1/c1/
I sincerelly appreciate if you address me for the datasets.
If this question should go to another groups or forums, then I sincerelly appreciate if you address me for the groups or forums.


Thank you very much.




Thank you very much for your reply and advise.

I really appreciate.

I have one more question regarding datasets

Do I have to preprocess the data using tools such as DPARSF?

My 3D Neural Network model does not seem to categorize properly.

Even I changed my predicting model such as tuning layers, parameters, and data number, the model gives always same accuracy.

Regarding fALFF, I reshape 61/73/61 to fit 3D model.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.