ADHD datasets for 3 dimensional neural network predicting model

My name is Yasuyuki Okubo and I'm building 3 dimensional convolutional neural network predicting model inspired by the paper below.
From this site, I reached R-fMAPs project for the datasets and succussfully downloaded the ADHD datasets for ADHD200 (4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 200 Sample (ADHD-200) ).
I'm, however, confused the datasets which I should use as there are many datasets though I read explanation.
I choosed both fMRI - fALFF and sMRI - GM below for my model but don't know whether I picked right ones.
fMRI-fALFF: ADHD200_RfMRI_1/results/fALFF_FunImgARCW/
sMRI-GM: ADHD200/VBM_1/c1/
I sincerelly appreciate if you address me for the datasets.
If this question should go to another groups or forums, then I sincerelly appreciate if you address me for the groups or forums.


Thank you very much.




For GM, you should go to wc1, that's gray matter density in MNI space.

fALFF is correct.

Thank you very much for your reply and advise.

I really appreciate.

I have one more question regarding datasets

Do I have to preprocess the data using tools such as DPARSF?

My 3D Neural Network model does not seem to categorize properly.

Even I changed my predicting model such as tuning layers, parameters, and data number, the model gives always same accuracy.

Regarding fALFF, I reshape 61/73/61 to fit 3D model.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

No need for reprocessing.

Please check your model and your code for CNN.