About the output of VBM using DPABI



I preproceed the T1 images for the VBM analysis using DPABI, and I have some inquiries regarding the output files.

I chose the "New Segment + DARTEL" option, and I got files whose prefix are "smwc", "mwc","wc1".

According to the naming convention of output files introduced in the VBM8 manual, "mwc1" seems to mean "modulated warped gray matter segments", and "smwc1" seems the smoothed "mwc1". Here, I am wondering why the smoothed files (smwc1) were generated eariler than the "mwc" files. 

And how can I get the dartel-warped, modulated non-linear only segmened images (e.g., m0wrp-)? 

I'm looking forward to help.





You are correct on the names. smw is smoothed by DARTEL, i.e., smoothing in original space automatically by DARTEL. It's not regularly smoothed on the mw files.

No m0w files would be generated. You have to mannuly generate by DARTEL.