ABIDE II dataset (The R-fMRI Maps project), Thanks.

Dear Dr. Yan,

I happen to find that there are probably something wrong with the fMRI data of subject 'ABIDEII-EMC_1_29887' & 'ABIDEII-EMC_1_29888' (the R-fMRI Maps Project). For the EMC_1_29887, all the extracted features and the ROI signals are zero. For the EMC_1_29888, most of the extracted features are zero. Would you mind double checking these data? Thanks a lot.

All the Best,

These data (e.g., ABIDEII-EMC_1_29887) has problems with the raw data.

Thus it's empty after realignment.

In our analyses, this site was excluded because of lacking of IQ data.



HI Chao-Gan,

Thanks a lot for your quick response. Is there any creteria that I can easily follow to check whether the data is ok? As you know, there are so many subjects in the dataset. It's impractical to check them one by one. Thanks.

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I will calculate the corrlation between ReHo map with the mean ReHo map to check.