2d-ReHo and age appropriate atlases

Hello, Dr. Yan, are there any plans to incorporate 2d-ReHo computation in DPARSFA?

Would it be possible to include age-appropriate standard templates in DPARSFA (instead of the standard MNI template)? 

Like this one-


thank you


2d-ReHo is on the list. However, that's on the long long plan.

Dr. Xi-Nian Zuo is doing some work on age-appropriate standard templates, I am waiting for that.

Thank you for the reply.

In DPABI, if I wish to replace the MNI atlas with an age appropriate one, in addition to placing the file in the appropriate folder, is there any script that I would need to modify? Appreciate detailed directions, if possible.


I assume you are using SPM12 and DARTEL for normalization, the you should replace SPMPath/tpm/TPM.nii with your own priors.