“Journal” of the R-fMRI Network (planning)

“Journal” of the R-fMRI Network (planning)

“Journal” of the R-fMRI Network (JRN) is a preprint, open-access, free-submission, “peer viewed”, community funded “Journal” of R-fMRI related studies. The goal of JRN is to supplement the current slow and inefficient “peer reviewed” journal publication system.


All the submissions at the JRN are preprint submissions, thus the authors can feel free to revise and submit to other formal “peer reviewed” traditional journals. The JRN only checks the format of the manuscript, and contacts the corresponding author to confirm his/her approval of submission.


All the JRN articles are freely available online after submission. Readers can freely read, download and comment on the articles.


Unlike the other open-access journal, submission to the JRN is totally free of charge.

“Peer viewed”

Unlike other preprint services, the articles at the JRN will be peer viewed. The JRN has a panel of consultants – each of them is obligated to comment on one article each month. In addition, the readers are going to comment also. For each month, the JRN will rate monthly “consultants’ choice” and “readers’ choice” articles. Furthermore, the JRN is going to rate the top active articles, which demonstrated the most active comments and revisions – a model to spur the feedback and revision of the articles.

Community funded

The JRN is a community funded effort. We encourage all the researchers make a small amount contribution each month at http://rfmri.org/HelpUs. Your contributions are extremely crucial to make the JRN effort happen!!!


Like the other posts at the R-fMRI Network, all submissions are dated, citable with a permanent URL and indexed by Google. However, the JRN submissions has a unique URL as http://rfmri.org/JRN_140828001. More importantly, we are going to make the articles to be indexed by Google Scholar and even by PubMed.


This is a planning effort, targeting the first issue in January, 2015. We are trying to recruit a part time content editor (compensation at $1000 per journal, Mr. Qingyang Li, M.S.) and a part time art editor (compensation at $100 per journal), please stay tuned at http://rfmri.org/LookForTalent if interested in. Thus, your contributions are extremely crucial for the JRN effort. If we failed to raise enough fund (>$1200) by January 2015, the JRN effort will be aborted. We believe if each of us make a small amount contribution (more are welcome) at a regular time basis (e.g., monthly), then the JRN effort shall not perish from the earth!

Please prepare your manuscript for the “peer-viewed” preprint JRN (first issue targeting January, 2015), and be prepared to receive the comments, then to revise your manuscript and submit to a traditional “peer-reviewed” Journal!

The JRN Team

Editor in Chief (design the architect, fund raising, communicate with consultants, oversee the Content Editor and Art Editor, and make the JRN effort happen): Chao-Gan Yan, Ph.D.

Content Editor: Qingyang Li, M.S.

Art Editor: Open for application at http://rfmri.org/LookForTalent.