The efforts of The R-fMRI Network (RFMRI.ORG), as well as the efforts of DPABI, DPARSF and PRN, are running of the researchers, by the researchers, and for the researchers. Given the unfunded nature of these efforts, the contributions come from the researchers shall make these efforts not perish from the earth!

Here we greatly appreciate the contributors for their kind help! With these help, we can pay the web domain, empower the server, enhance the bandwidth, improve the website and software, and make our experience at the R-fMRI Network, as well as DPABI, DPARSF and PRN BETTER!

The first contributor in August, 2015: Xiaosong He

The top contributor in August, 2015: Xiaosong He ($1)

The last contributor in August, 2015TBD

The first contributor in July, 2015: Mri Zhang

The top contributor in July, 2015Mri Zhang (Alipay: ¥20)

The last contributor in July, 2015Mri Zhang

The first contributor in June, 2015: Zhen Zhou

The top contributor in June, 2015Liyuan Li, Shijia Fan (Alipay: ¥10)

The last contributor in June, 2015Shijia Fan

The first contributor in May, 2015: Motoharu Gondo

The top contributor in May, 2015Motoharu Gondo ($1)

The last contributor in May, 2015Motoharu Gondo

The first contributor in April, 2015: Maria de la Iglesia

The top contributor in April, 2015: Fen Zhang (Alipay: ¥64)

The last contributor in April, 2015Fen Zhang

The first contributor in March, 2015: Johannes Vester

The top contributor in March, 2015: Johannes Vester ($1)

The last contributor in March, 2015: Johannes Vester

The first contributor in February, 2015: Fei Wang

The top contributor in February, 2015Fei Wang, Tuleasca Constantin ($10)

The last contributor in February, 2015Tuleasca Constantin

The first contributor in January, 2015: Muhammad Khalid

The top contributor in January, 2015Maki Koyama ($50)

The last contributor in January, 2015: Fucang Jia

The first contributor in December, 2014: Farras Abdelnour

The top contributor in December, 2014: Lei Gao ($15)

The last contributor in December, 2014: Yousuke Itou

The first contributor in November, 2014: Bin-Ke Yuan

The top contributor in November, 2014: Ze Wang ($50)

The last contributor in November, 2014: Hengyi Rao

The first contributor in October, 2014: Qi Li

The top contributor in October, 2014: Zhizhou Deng ($112)

The last contributor in October, 2014: 华享时代(

The first contributor in September, 2014: Charles Schroeder

The top contributor in September, 2014: Yu-Feng Zang ($100)

The last contributor in September, 2014: Yu-Qin Deng

The first contributor in August, 2014: Yaqiong Xiao

The top contributors in August, 2014: Zhen Yang ($20), Matthew Hoptman ($20), Qing Liu ($20), Qingyang Li ($20).

The last contributor in August, 2014: Qingyang Li

The first contributor: Yaqiong Xiao

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All the contributors: Yaqiong Xiao, Xuhong Liao, Lukas Scheef, Maki Koyama, juan Gea Ramon, Zhen Yang, Matthew Hoptman, Farras Abdelnour, Qing Liu, Qingyang Li, Charles Schroeder, Yu-Feng Zang, Dora Moore, Arnaud Falchier, Gong-Jun Ji, Mr Yang (Chongqing BrainMedical Co.,Ltd), Yu-Qin Deng, Qi Li, Tianming Qiu, Farras Abdelnour, Hugo Botha, Dongyang Chen, Zhizhou Deng, 华享时代(, Bin-Ke Yuan, Hang Qu, Jiancheng Hou, Cuisha Liu, Chang Woo Ryu, Feng Liu, Lei Gao, Ze Wang, Shun Yao, Hengyi Rao, Di Wu, Yousuke Itou, Muhammad Khalid, David Hofmann, Fucang Jia, Fei Wang, Tuleasca Constantin, Johannes Vester, Maria de la Iglesia, Motoharu Gondo, Zhen Zhou, Fen Zhang, Liyuan Li, Shijia Fan, Mri ZhangXiaosong He ...