DPBI statistical analysis

Submitted by sahar on

Dear all, I'm using  DPABI and REST plus software for my research project.
I have a couple of question regarding the software:
Which kind of FDR correction is used in DPABI in viewer part  (one tailed or two  tailed)? The cluster report for REST plus and DPBI under the same statistical analysis conditions are not the same. would you please guide me ?
Is it  necessary to choose mask in statistical analysis ?

How to continue halted preprocessing?

Submitted by puyunfashi on

DPARSFA and DAPBISurf are two “pipelines,” meaning they consist of several steps. After encountering a bug during preprocessing, it would be handy to continue the preprocessing from the step where it was halted. DPARSFA/DPABISurf does preprocessing from left to right and top to bottom on GUI. So, continuing preprocessing contains the following steps: 

1) Close the halted DPARSFA/DPABI GUI; 


Submitted by ZHOU YI on

严老师好,各位老师好,我在使用DPARSFA对4D nii数据进行预处理时没有生成全局信号回归的结果,自己排查的时候也不知道问题在哪,希望能得到老师们解答。


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