Multiple comparison tests producing exactly the same results

Submitted by jpetersen on

I am running an ANCOVA for 2 groups with 2 covariates using a mask on fALFF data. I am trying to determine which multiple comparison test to use by running all the different multiple comparison test options and seeing which clusters are generated most consistently, thus telling me what are likely the “true” results (not appearing simply as a result of computational differences between tests). The issue is that every single multiple comparison test I run produces the exact same results. Exact same voxels appear in the viewer with cluster reports that have the exact same values, down to the last decimal point. This should not happen. There should be some difference, even if it is slight, between results that are corrected by bonferroni, tukey-kramer/hsd, lsd, etc. Does anyone know why this is could be happening? 


I am running MATLAB version 2019b Update 3 on macOS and using DPABI version 5.1.