Functional connectivity analysis (DPARSF 5.4)

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Hi Chao-Gan, I hope you are doing well.

I want to do a functional connectivity analysis (DPARSF 5.4) between the cerebellum and other ROI's that are in MNI152 (regions that I segmented myself and want to use in the analysis). The T1's I have spatially normalized in MNI152 and are in NIfTI. The rfMRI I have them in patient space and I have them in DICOM but I can convert them to NIfTI. How can I do to perform the analysis? I want to normalize the rfMRI to MNI152 space and work everything in NIfTI, will it be possible with DPABI?

Dear DPARSF experts, Iworked with T1 and rfMRI in patient space with ROI's in MNI152 for FC. Template: Calculate in MNI (wrap by DARTEL)

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