ROI order for Harvard-Oxford subcortical atlas

Submitted by lyndon.boone on

Hi there,

On the data sharing structure page ( it states that ROIs 213-228 correspond to the subcortical areas of the Harvard-Oxford atlas (16 ROIs total). I'm wondering if there is a reference which lists which regions these ROIs correspond to in order. For example, FSL lists 21 "regions" as part of the subcortical Harvard-Oxford atlas:

<label index="0" x="58" y="37" z="50">Left Cerebral White Matter</label>
<label index="1" x="70" y="63" z="35">Left Cerebral Cortex </label>
<label index="2" x="57" y="40" z="41">Left Lateral Ventricle</label>
<label index="3" x="51" y="51" z="39">Left Thalamus</label>
<label index="4" x="51" y="71" z="38">Left Caudate</label>
<label index="5" x="56" y="67" z="34">Left Putamen</label>
<label index="6" x="54" y="62" z="35">Left Pallidum</label>
<label index="7" x="44" y="49" z="18">Brain-Stem</label>
<label index="8" x="59" y="54" z="27">Left Hippocampus</label>
<label index="9" x="57" y="61" z="27">Left Amygdala</label>
<label index="10" x="50" y="70" z="33">Left Accumbens</label>
<label index="11" x="29" y="38" z="51">Right Cerebral White Matter</label>
<label index="12" x="25" y="42" z="61">Right Cerebral Cortex </label>
<label index="13" x="35" y="45" z="44">Right Lateral Ventricle</label>
<label index="14" x="38" y="51" z="39">Right Thalamus</label>
<label index="15" x="39" y="72" z="37">Right Caudate</label>
<label index="16" x="34" y="68" z="34">Right Putamen</label>
<label index="17" x="35" y="61" z="35">Right Pallidum</label>
<label index="18" x="31" y="57" z="25">Right Hippocampus</label>
<label index="19" x="32" y="63" z="25">Right Amygdala</label>
<label index="20" x="40" y="69" z="32">Right Accumbens</label>

Thank you for all your hard work in preparing this tremendous resource, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.