The question about the parameters of T1 images and information of medication

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To whom it may concern, 

We submited a research paper about the MDD classification based on structural MRI (T1 image) to Cerebral Cortex, and two of the review comments is:

1. No parameters of T1 images were listed. Are the same across 25 sites? If not, did the author take measures to minimum site’s effects?  

2. The reviewer asked about the drug use situation, but there was no information of medication, and first episode and recurrence in the table. Could you share these information?  

Would you mind to tell us where can we find the parameters of T1 images and provide these above inforation?


Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you soon. If anything is unclear in my post please do not hesitate to ask me about it. 

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YAN Chao-Gan

Thu, 02/24/2022 - 13:03

1. They are not the same, even the scanner model is different. Please see

You should respond the reviewer that if you have taken the site as covariates in your stats. Or you did some kind of harmonization.

2. You need to read the attached execel file with your approval email. There was this information.