REST-meta-MDD Schaefer's 400 Parcels

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Dear Experts,

First, thank you so much for sharning this dataset.

I have downloaded the "" data and I am interested in using the preprocessed fMRI time series.

According to the data sharing structure [here], there are 9 different parcellations  (ROIs from 1-2233) arranged  as columns in each timer-series MAT file (e.g., ./Results/ROISignals_FunImgARCWF/ROISignals_S1-1-0001.mat). However, I can only see 1-1833 columns (ROIs) which I assume the Schaefer's 400 Parcels is not provided.

I am just trying to confirm the data I am using at the moment is the right one or I am missing something here.


Thanks for your help

Fuad Noman

YAN Chao-Gan

Sat, 09/11/2021 - 13:50

Hi Fuad,

REST-meta-MDD data is before DPARSF V4.4. Thus doesn't have the Schaefer's 400 Parcels.