Several questions About Yan 2013

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Dear Dr. Yan,

I have read your recent paper in Neuroimage about head motion, very informative. I have serveral questions:

1)The whiskers bar figures present your results very clear. It looks better than the traditional  whiskers bar.

Which software did you used to produce these whiskers bar figures and how did you made those figures?

2) question about data preprocessing:

"For regression models, linear and quadratic trends were also included as regressors to account for low-frequency drifts in the BOLD signal. Temporal filtering (0.01–0.1 Hz) was applied to the data with each correction method prior to calculating derivatives, except for frequency-based R-fMRI indices (ALFF and fALFF)."

In your paper, what's the order of "linear and quadratic trends ", "filtering" , and "regressing out nuisance signals". It's not easy to tell from above text.

3) question about DPARSF:

Is the default Realign option in DPARSF referred to "one pass" Realign (to mean or first), or "two pass" (registered to the first image and then registered to the mean of the images after the first realignment) like what your paper did?

Your help will be very appreciated. Thank a lot!

YAN Chao-Gan

Mon, 05/27/2013 - 15:05


Thanks for your interests in our work!

1. Here it is:

2. Linear and quadratic trends were removed within the step of "regression out nuisance signals". Filtering is performed after nuisance regression, as you can see in DPARSFA V2.2.

3. Two pass.