Q&A: "REST error...ReadNiftiImage.m"


I am trying to analyze some resting state data using REST, but I cannot load the data in the GUI.  Am I correct to assume we need to enter data in conseqcutive file names of ANALYZE format?  The error message I get in Matlab refers to line 103 of rest_ReadNiftiImage.m

Is this script necessary if we are using ANALYZE not NIFTI?  If it is not necessary how do I skip it.

I do not know how to proceed.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Dear Carlos,
        Yes, we need to enter data in consecutive file names of ANALYZE format.

        What release of REST do you use? Please download the latest release of REST to analyze your data from rest.restfmri.net.

         Are you sure your data is the ANALYZE format. REST will not call rest_ReadNiftiImage.m if it detect your data is ANALYZE format, it will call rest_ReadAnalyzeImage.m instead.

         Hope these information be helpful for you. If you meet any error further, please submit the details to restfmri.net if convenient.

         Best wishes!

                                                           Yours Sincerely
                                                            YAN Chao-Gan


Hi Chao-Gan,

I was mistaken, both the input fmri file and the roi masks are in analyze format.  We looked at the rest.m file and cannot find the command to find read analyze file.  Can you tell us which script calls up the _readanalyzeimage command.

i'm attaching a few of the time series of the fmri images and mask for you to confirm the file type is the supported analyze type, in case that is the problem.

Thanks so much for your help.


Dear Carlos,
       HippoL.img is in ANALYZE format, but a001.img is in NIfTI format. Though a001.img has a hdr/img suffix, this called the NIfTI pairs.
       There was another problem, the dimension of HippoL.img is 91X109X91, but the dimension of a001.img is 64X64X36。These two matrix can not match.
       My suggestion is that you had better re-create your ROI files in NIfTI format, and resample it to the dimension as same as your functional images, i.e., 64X64X36.
       Please submit your further question on www.restfmri.net to let the others know this problem. Thank you very much!
       Best wishes!