Out of memory--Error message for running ReHo and FC tools

Dear REST experters:

      I am new to run REST toolbox. When running ReHO and FC, get the following error messages. I don't know what wrong I did. BTW, do you have some stand along program or easy tools for extracting the time course data. Thanks in advance.


error messages:

Functional connectivity :"E:\face-data\002zhangya\result\result\rest-ep1\ep1"

Computing functional connectivity with: "E:\face-data\002zhangya\result\result\rest-ep1\ep1"
     Read 3D EPI functional images: "E:\face-data\002zhangya\result\result\rest-ep1\ep1".
Exception occured. (MATLAB:nomem)
    Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.
    87#line,        repmat, in "E:\Program Files\MATLAB71\toolbox\matlab\elmat\repmat.m"
    <a href="error:E:\Program Files\MATLAB71\toolbox\spm2_conj\rest\rest_to4d.m,64,0">64#line</a>,     rest_to4d, in "E:\Program Files\MATLAB71\toolbox\spm2_conj\rest\rest_to4d.m"
    30#line,        fc, in "E:\Program Files\MATLAB71\toolbox\spm2_conj\rest\fc.m"
    1323#line,      btnComputeFC_Callback, in "E:\Program Files\MATLAB71\toolbox\spm2_conj\rest\fc_gui.m"
    75#line,        gui_mainfcn,    in "E:\Program Files\MATLAB71\toolbox\matlab\uitools\gui_mainfcn.m"
    35#line,        fc_gui, in "E:\Program Files\MATLAB71\toolbox\spm2_conj\rest\fc_gui.m"



The error of out of memory depends on your available size of memory and the complexity of the memory allocating strategy. There are some suggestions to avoid this situation:
  1. Reboot your computer and do not run any other programs except MATLAB and REST.
  2. Enlarge your memory.
  3. MATLAB Version 7.1 or above is suggested.
  4. You can turn on the 3GB switch of Windows XP, see more details in http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/system/platform/server/PAE/PAEmem.mspx.

If you want to extract the time courses from ROI, you can use the sub-function in the ROI-wise Functional Connectivity GUI, please see more details from the multimedia course. Or you also can write a program to extract the time courses by calling rest_readfile.