Mask error when running ReHo and ALFF

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 Dear All, 

I am trying to analyze a rest condition with rest toolkit, but when I run both ReHo and ALFF with either default mask and no mask option the analysis stops because of mask size error.

Could you please help me to overtake this problem and proceed with the analysis 

Thank you very much

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YAN Chao-Gan

Mon, 02/23/2009 - 11:49

     Hi! REST provides 4 kinds of mask as default settings: 53x63x46, 61x73x61, 79x95x69, 91x109x91. If your data was not any dimension as above, you may need to create a mask by yourself or use no mask option.

     But stopping at mask size error when choosing no mask option was really confused, please provide more details of this problem, such as: the release of REST, the version of MATLAB, the error information of ALFF computation. Then we may further discuss what happened.

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YAN Chao-Gan


Sun, 03/01/2009 - 02:41

我是根据3d T1WI图像,进行图像分割,然后把灰白质加在一起,做个mask,根据每个人的情况做具体的mask,做完后观察以下mask是否满意,在继续下面的处理。

The gray mask was 1x1x1, so it can not be used in the ReHo computing step as a mask.

Yon may use the "coregister" function in spm to reslice the gray mask from 1x1x1 to 3x3x3.