bug report: "DICOM to Nii" when dealing dicom files from GE under linux AMD64

Submitted by lynnrain on
 Dear RESTers:

Recently I used DPARSF to process some functional images obtained from GE HDx 3.0T system, my environment was Ubuntu 9.10 AMD 64 Version, Matlab 2009b, SPM8 and DPARSF 100510.

During converting Dicom to nii step, the system keeps running but nothing was converted from dicom files. 

Maybe it's a bug of DPARSF with linux, all the images were smoothly process in WinXP.



YAN Chao-Gan

Mon, 06/21/2010 - 09:00

Thanks for you report!
I think I will fix it in the next version of DPARSF.
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