imput image format for REST v1.4 and DPARSF

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Dear Sir,

I would like to start using REST v1.4 and DPARSF. Could you please guide me through these two issues:

1. In MATLAB, if my original path setting is for spm8 instead of spm5, would REST and DPARSF work, or do I need to change the priority to spm5?

2. The input fMRI image files that I have is 4D .nii image.  What is the appropriate input image format for REST and DPARSF, and how should they be organized?

Thank you very much in advance.

kind regards,

YAN Chao-Gan

Fri, 06/18/2010 - 08:17

1. If you use SPM8, please type "rest" in the command line to run REST and then restart your MATLAB. Then you can enjoy REST. If you shift from SPM8 to SPM5 and vice versa frequently, you may need to repeat this operation after shifting.
2. REST and DPARSF support NIfTI .img/.hdr format. If you have 4D .nii image, you can use REST->Utilites->NIfTI nii to NIfTI pairs to change the format.
Best wishes!