out of memory error

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Dear All,
I have to do a ALFF analysis on fMRI images.
I used matlab 7.4. I did the preprocessing using SPM8. my smoothed images have matrix size 79 95 68 and voxel size 2x2x2. I have 195 scan for each subject.
I would like to run my analysis on a single subject. I detrend and filter the images using no mask.
I tried to use rest1.1 and 1.4, but both of them give me the following error:

error using ===> zeros
out of memory

Load mask "".

                 Build band pass filtered mask.                Wait...

                 Band Pass Filter working.           Wait.......................

                 ReConstructing 3D+time Dataset.          Wait...

Exception occured.        (MATLAB:nomem)

                Error using ==> zeros

Out of memory. Type HELP MEMORY for your options.

                175#line,                            rest_bandpass,                in "C:\Programmi\MATLAB71\rest_20071206.1434\rest_bandpass.m"

                1317#line,                          BandPass,           in "C:\Programmi\MATLAB71\rest_20071206.1434\alff_gui.m"

                287#line,                            btnComputeAlff_Callback,        in "C:\Programmi\MATLAB71\rest_20071206.1434\alff_gui.m"

                75#line,                               gui_mainfcn,     in "C:\Programmi\MATLAB71\toolbox\matlab\uitools\gui_mainfcn.m"

                31#line,                               alff_gui,              in "C:\Programmi\MATLAB71\rest_20071206.1434\alff_gui.m"

can anyone help me?
thanks a lot.


YAN Chao-Gan

Wed, 05/19/2010 - 08:30

Please refer to http://www.restfmri.net/forum/Course#comment-168 to solve this problem.
Best wishes!