A problem of REST GCA 1.0 Beta

Submitted by leemon on
 I am running the Granger Causality Analysis script contained in the REST 2007 toolbox. Unfortunately, I am encountering some errors.

The value of the generated GCA Map  is zero in every voxel.

I used the voxel-wise approach and set the coordinates to a random voxel within the brain, including a radius of 2mm. My input dataset contains 3D EPI files (TR 2.0s, 300tps, analyze format (hdr./img. pairs, tlrc transformed). The GCA is being computed by the software and everything seems fine so far. However, when I open the GCA Maps with the slice viewer, the following error box pops up: „Illegal Origin ( 0 0 0). I presume the origin is (46 55 46)“ and the viewer is all black.

Do you have an idea where there might be an error? I have tried running the GCA for different subjects, I have also tried to find help online, but without any luck. 

And I noticed there are several mask files with different dimensions in the  rest/mask folder, which one is the default mask used by REST GCA 1.0 Beta?

Any suggestion  is very much appreciated.


YAN Chao-Gan

Thu, 04/22/2010 - 12:52

    I think there is something with your ANALYZE images, could you have a try with NIfTI images?
    By the way, REST-GCA has been updated in REST V1.4.
    Best wishes!
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