New releases of REST and DPARSF

Dear All!
        New releases of REST and DPARSF are coming now.
        I am SOOOO sorry for the delay of this release.
        I have said we may release it in this September, but it delayed again and again. Please forgive me since I was involved in revising a paper and rebuilding my house which was ruined by a flood this summer.
        Thanks for Mr. DONG Zhang-Ye and Mr. ZHU Wei-Xuan's work, we published this release eventually. Some users are using the close test version of this release, especially for REST AlphaSim, now can turn to this public release. Thanks for your patience.
        Since lots of functions are added or revised, there may be some bugs. Please report to us if you find any.
        Best wishes!


Hi, Dear all
How can I remove "CSF pulsation signal" from EPI images as covariate in REST? please guide me in details.


Please see
Multimedia Course (Part 1, English version) for more details.
This Video course depicts the procedures in details.
Best wishes!