Added new function of "corr(i1,i2,'spatial')" in REST Image Calculator. (DONG Zhang-Ye)

Dear Dr. Dong

I notice a new function added into REST Image Calculator, "corr(i1,i2,'spatial')" .

What is the 'spatial' correlation between image 1 and image2?

Is there any ref. about this  'spatial' correlation?



Since Dr. Dong has graduated, he may not notice this message.

Here, I'll try to explain  "corr(i1,i2,'spatial')".
Image i1 has a number of voxels with different values. They could be considered as a time cource (e.g. TC1).
Image i2 has a number of voxels with different valuse. They could be considered as a time coures (e.g. TC2).

"corr(i1,i2,'spatial')" is the Pearson's correlation analysis between TC1 and TC2.

Hope this is helpful to you!


 Dear  Gong-Jun ,

Thanks  a lot for your explaination. I understood the meaning of this function.

Is there any paper  using this  spatial  correlation?

Sorry for my misunderstanding.
I don't know if any paper used this function either. By the way, why this is important for you?


There are lots of papers using ICA need such a function, although not throgh REST:

Template matching - find a component with the highest spatial correlation with the network template.